How it all works

1st step.

First decide on the size you would like, please see sizes and price list.

Choose your favourite photograph that captures the personality and character of your pet. If you could send me the best quality with high resolution photographs, as these are always best to work from.

Happy to view as many photographs you wish to send, and I will let you know if the detail is enough for me to work with.

I also have lots of info on how to take good photographs of your pet if you don’t have one that you are happy with.

If this is a memorial portrait and you don’t have a good reference photograph, I can still draw the portrait and will do my very best to captures the personality and character of your pet but some of the finer details will be missing.

2nd step.

When we have agreed on a composition and final size of the portrait, we will then discuss the total cost and approximate timescale. If you are trying to meet a specific deadline, please let me know.

At this stage a deposit of £50 will be required to secure the commission and place it in line with current work.

If for reasons, I am unable to complete your artwork, your deposit will be refunded to you.

I will then contact you when starting the artwork and will keep you informed of progress.

3rd step.

Only if you are entirely happy with the completed artwork will I then request payment of the balance.

All portraits will be mounted ready for framing. It is recommended to have your artwork framed as soon possible by a local framer. Please do not handle the artwork as the pigment will smudge.

I can arrange to have your artwork framed for you if you wish.

4th step.

The portrait will be heading your way.

Please contact me with any questions you may have if you are thinking of having your pet portrait done.

email   or phone me on 07973 366 695  (if I dont pick up I may be in a meeting, please leave your details so I can get back to you)

or use the contact form  contact sue